Mining & Geological Industrial Consultants, LLC

Mining & Geological Industrial Consultants (MAGIC) was established in 1981 by John M. Clema as a consulting firm in general exploration and corporate strategy and management. MAGIC has expanded to a wide range of mining companies and advisory work with developing countries and the United Nations (UNDP). Most consulting projects have involved gold, base metals, heavy mineral sands and industrial minerals, and the management or turn around of companies involved in metals.

Since returning to the US in 2008, Clema has been involved in energy minerals, base and industrial minerals property investments and joint ventures. These investigations have culminated in a number of successful deals to overseas interests. He has also become involved in a number of American professional organizations such as the Santa Fe Institute. Clema is currently putting together a new mineral exploration company looking for a variety of in-demand commodities in highly prospective areas in Australia and the U.S.

Leptocleidus clemai

The first new-to-science dinosaur was found in Western Australia and was named after John M. Clema for his part in it's discovery.  More info

"Forty years ago, America was a superpower, both revered and feared..."  -  John M. Clema  More


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